Cost of Living Saving Benefits of Work from Home Office Coworking

Cost of Living Saving Benefits of Work from Home Office Coworking

Is all the talk of cost of living getting you down? Are you working from home and worried about the hiked-up cost of energy? Then a coworking space might be a better option for you.

At DESKGO we are open 24 -7 for resident desk holders. Meaning you can come and go as you please to use our space at any time. Day users can access the building between 9am and 6pm. So switch your lights off at home, power down your laptop and mobile and bring them to our coworking space instead.

At We keep our building at an ambient temperature of around 21-22 degrees, which means you can switch off your heating at home and come and work in our space where it is nice and toasty.

It may sound silly, but you’d be surprised at how much energy a kettle uses, so with complimentary teas and coffee on tap you also don’t need to worry about this extra expense.

All these things add up, so why not give us a try. We are offering a 25% promo in October.

It’s free to register on our website and when you book a desk, bench or meeting space use the promo code OCT25 to benefit from our discounted rate.

Ergonomic office chairs, spacious desks and fully equipped meeting rooms

Coffee bar serving delicious Silver Oak coffee, tea, drinks and snacks

Virtual Address for business documents and a professional address

Superfast Wi-Fi, Widescreen TV’s, Print, Fax & Copy